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  1. Friendly Prompt Service – Response to your Home Loan enquiry fast!
  2. Update you in every step of the Home Loan approval process
  3. Any question about your next Home Loan?  just a phone call away, Even after hours or weekends
  4. You are dealing with only 1 person Victor. From enquiry to the settlement of your Home Loan!
  5. We don’t charge fees for our service. The bank pays us when your Home Loan is settled. I can Honestly tell you it’s hard to get good prompt service in Australia. We don’t “sit” on your loan, we get it done ASAP once we have all the documents.
  6. We only specialise in Residential Property Home Loans – you get answers to your enquiry almost immediately.
  7. We assess your true borrowing capacity offline with bank credit assessors calculators, hence no credit enquiry is made on your file.
  8. No matter what’s your circumstances, We will always structure your Home loan that will be in your favour, we have got many banks to use see the top few banks we use below.
  9. Home Equity Loan – Revalue your home(If an increase in Value) and take more money out to buy a car or investment property deposit.
  10. Depends on your circumstance, we will advise you some tips based on our experience, From First Home buyer to Multiple property Investor ourselves we have a lot of real life experience. Structuring your Home Loans correctly is the Key to Multiple Investment Properties.Home N Investment Loan, Refinance N Lower Your Repayments, Cash out 2 Buy a Car

Interest Rates from

Variable Home Loan 70% LVR 3.69% No hidden fees so no comparison rate

Variable Home Loan 80% LVR or Less 3.79% No hidden fees so no comparison rate

Variable Home Loan 80% LVR or More to 97% LVR(Including LMI) CALL TO QUOTE

Variable Investment Loan 70% LVR 3.89% No hidden fees so no comparison rate

Variable Investment Loan 80% LVR or Less 4.14% No hidden fees so no comparison rate

Variable Investment Loan 80% LVR or More to 90% LVR(Including LMI) CALL TO QUOTE

Rates are Correct as at 06/06/2018, Rates quoted are for a Bank that allows less hassle Home Equity Loan aka Cash out and P&I Repayments only, and 80% LVR or less,
Option for having Offset account: Annual fee $198/Year, no credit cards as opposed to major lenders $395/Year
Min Loan $150,000
There is no use quoting a really unreal Rates when you cannot get it. Rates Quoted can definitely be achieved @ 70%~80% LVR even for cash out too! with some special discount from an Authorised deposit-taking bank.

There are some Cheaper Interest rates from other lenders where they can have a hard credit policy, There is no use advertising a very low rate when you cannot get the money. Nowadays It's better for us Broker because We understand the changes since the Royal Commission, There are more reasons to use us than ever. Being proactive and provide Good Prompt Service saves you time. Giving you an overall smooth experience.

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