Why Use Us?

While most mortgage brokers are disorganised, biased towards one lender and poorly trained, we are doing our best to deliver, Prompt service and Better Home Loan advice

  • We are under Credit Finance Group, Mortgage and Finance Specialist! With our combined 50 years knowledge, we would get it right the first time!
  • Our services are free for now even if complex situations, because of low overheads.
  • You are dealing with the true small business owner, who will treat you with respect.
  • Getting you ready for the Home Loan, no pushy salesman type.
  • I am just like you at some point of your life, during your property buying or investment journey, I share with you some of the things to avoid. Fewer mistakes for you, better for you and more business for me in future = Win-Win
  • Home loans from more than 30 lenders on our panel.
  • Prompt Service with Integrity is our business motto.
  • We simplify the process
  • Prompt service, you will be my priority, we have to try to streamline the process to get your things done ASAP
  • Free valuations and credit reports after prequalify should need to arise.
  • Free CBA Automated Valuation report to know if you can pull more equity from your home.
  • We take a holistic approach
  • MFAA & COSL membership
  • Will always be a Finance Broker for a very long time. We have built up multiple passive income streams to ensure we will weather all kinds crisis. Brokers come and go.
  • Victor has renounced his Singapore Citizenship, rest assured Customers of Vichomeloan.com.au will be served well.

Victor Foo’s professional qualifications include the following:

– Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
– Bachelor of Commerce( Accounting and Finance), Double Major

Why Use Us?
We have been in the industry long enough to know that most mortgage brokers are disorganised, they sit on your file for weeks if not months We have helped some desperate clients before weeks before settlement. They put it through a wrong lender because they are biased and probably poorly trained, we try and set a bench mark for a new generation of mortgage brokers by delivering what we promise: prompt service, better advice, and the cheapest possible home loan for your situation.
  • We formulated many good strategies to help clients in different situation
  • Our services are free
  • More variety of lenders in one place
  • 2015 Broker IQ Finalist
  • We simplify the process
  • Free valuations and credit reports
  • We take a holistic approach
  • MFAA & COSL membership
  • We formulated many good strategies to help clients in different situation
    Our office has a combined exprience of over 50 years. Some clients have complex financial situation. Job changes, many scenarios that do not meet with the normal bank policy. The turn over of people within in the banks can be great, sometimes you get a bloke who knows nothing to do your home if you go through the normal channels. We know which lenders can help and which ones can not. We set specific scenario for specific lenders.  Unlike most mortgage brokers who are just salesmen, and says yea yea yea it can be done but not. We know a variety of lender's policy back to front and remember we are doing this for a living, we need to know. Some times if you are not sure whether you credit history are good, we have access to Veda to generate a credit report before we apply for any loans for you.
    Our services are free
    Our services are completely free for most home and investment loans. We will only charge fees for certain types of short term loans, small loans, some types of complicated commercial or trust finance. How it works is, we get paid by the lender whom we applied the loan through, that would otherwise be done by a person at the branch, in many cases through the branches can be more expensive, we try to apply the maximum discount known to be given. Plus, for a no out of pocket service, like going to the doctor "bulk bill", you get more professional advice about your home loan.
    More variety of lenders in one place
    Did you know many large mortgage broking firms are owned by the major banks? Going through them is like another front shop for that major bank. We are different, although our home loan system provider is part own by Macquarie Bank they represent very little percentage and Macquarie is not a major bank. We are privately owned independent brokers that puts clients at first. Why use a mortgage broker when you can just go to the bank? We have over 30+ lenders to choose from, but it's not like we will use all 30 lenders. as per my credit guide we use mostly 7 lenders to solve majority of our client's situation relatively cheap. We only apply the loan once, sometimes if you go to the branch, and increase your preapproval, it creates another credit enquiry. Let us have the grey hair, and you relax. We will stay on top of things. and update you accordingly.
    2015 Broker IQ Finalist
    We were so busy that we didn't do any of those media coverage and all those awards. Last year we made it a point to do something and we were in the Australian Brokering awards 2015 in Sydney. http://www.theadviser.com.au/breaking-news/32621-broker-iq-finalists-revealed Those final six will now compete on stage at the Australian Broking Awards next Friday, 31 July for the chance to win $5,000 cash and be crowned Australia’s brightest broker. Going head-to-head in this year’s final are Duncan Johnston, Paul Bevan, Jayden Vecchio, Simon Vinnicombe, Victor Foo and Rick Moffitt. That’s right that Victor Foo is ME! Top 6 in Australia, and Number 1 in Victoria. As all the others are from other States. Victor Foo BOM Broker IQ Top 6 broker 0449999881
    Upfront Valuations and Access to Veda Credit Report
    We can order Upfront valuations with 4 lenders if we need to cannot abuse the system. When we do cash out or do top up for your property we know how much your property will be to know where you stand. Upfront valuation before you apply ensures your credit file wont be damaged.
    We see the big picture for you
    The Mortgage industry is getting more complex, especially after the financial crisis when banks tighten up. Future proofing, some clients who bought their first home are heavy savers, 8 months later they want to buy a investment property. they gave me the hint when we did the loan, and I put them through a bank that will help them finance for their investment property.
    MFAA & CIO membership
    Last but not least. We hold membership of Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and Credit Ombudsman Service (CIO). We have to uphold strict guidelines by the associations. and there are Strict requirements to renew their membership every year. Fill up our free assessment form or call us on 0449 999 881 and get Victor to do your home loan, You will be happy like our past clients.