What we can do for you?

All kinds of Home Loans, Majority of our clients are First Home buyers, Owner occupied looking to cash out more from their property for a investment property, or just plain investing in property.

Home Loan in easy three steps


Step 1

Describe your purchase

or what you want to do with your existing property e.g Purchase a owner occupied or An Investment or Cash out.

We will mainly need your Income, how big is your family, any other debts you have, what's the price of the property you are hoping to buy. How much savings you got.

Step 2

Get our help and advice

Within 24 hours we verify what you have input and give you a call on how we can help you with your needs.

http://vichomeloan.com.au/free-quote/ and will give you a call to discuss your situation.


Step 3

After a preliminary assessment

I will send you a list of documents I need for the home loan and we will arrange a meeting and discuss things further.

For faster home loan processing, after our preliminary assessment and everything is all good. Fill up this lengthy form which goes straight into our loan system for faster loan processing, We will let you sign the bank application form when we generated the data into the forms.

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