Home Loan Calculator

Home Loan Calculator

Calculate your Borrowing power rough guide, your repayments calculator, and your stamp duty.

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Unsure of what loan is right for you? Different lenders have different ways of calculating your borrowing power, especially if you have more than 1 property. Wanting to find out how much you can borrow? Victor is available to discuss your home loan options today.

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Get your true Borrowing power from a Fully Qualified Finance Broker. Waiting in line for a banker or Online? With Online you get first-hand information and Victor has the knowledge to pre-qualify you based on the numbers you provided.
Why choose us? There are plenty of banks out there, so why choose VicHomeLoan.com.au? There are several good reasons, we are all about you and we have access to 30+ lenders, why look for yourself and wait in line when you can access the knowledge and expertise of a Finance Broker. First, we will find you a good deal based on your situation. Prompt Service meaning you get responses quickly. You are dealing with the business owner directly, you get good service. Large organisations sometimes treat you like numbers. Service don’t stop after the loan is settled. If you have any questions in mind, just feel free to contact me. As a free service, for all clients, I will run the potential scenario of your next investment property possibility. Giving you the numbers in hands like deposit needed and price range of what you could potentially get for an investment in future.

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